I’ve been asked a few times why I did my magazine on robotics, and the answer is that I’m a huge nerd. My actual knowledge of robotics is not very much, definitely nothing practical, but the idea of this technology and its potential applications is fascinating and amazing. To be even nerdier, the idea of making an issue dedicated to prostheses stemmed from a conversation about Bucky from Captain America and what a cross-section of his metal arm would look like.

My target audience for this magazine was essentially writers and art directors in their late thirties and early forties who were professionally nerdy — and good at it. The magazine itself gives a look into what’s going on in various areas of robotics; real life, entertainment, art. Its main purpose is to inspire.





Tropical Winter

Silk Road is a store in Victoria, BC that sells tea and bath and bodycare products. Most of their marketing centers around the tea-related aspects of their business, so I thought I would have some fun with the other side of things and make their bath and bodycare products out to be luxury goods. The title started as a kind of description for the look I was going for, the idea of a piece of paradise in an icy landscape, a warm dream you don’t want to wake up from. And maybe you don’t have to.