Organic Bees

There’s a huge mosaic in East Village by the river, and for this assignment we had to imagine the mosaic panels covered instead with an educational infographic that would benefit the city. Recently I recovered from being one of those “death to all bugs” kind of people, so I thought I’d spread some of the love. The infographic isn’t so much about bees as it is about organic farming, but it uses them as a theme through which to talk about the subject.

actual print








Since writing and making comics are hobbies of mine, so I made an infographic about my main characters from the past five years. The first story here is the one I’ve stuck with the longest, so that seemed like a good place to start. A lot of my stories start with ideas for a character dynamic (and in a shocking turn of events I have a bar graph showing how many of them have romantic subplots), and the characters themselves are built from that. So I thought it might be interesting to see if I have a “type”. I found that some traits were notable for either their presence or their absence, so I placed my main characters on a scale from one to the other. The trends were subtle, but there were some differences from before and after a long period I spent without working on any stories.





Lightning Strike Survivors

What happens when a person gets hit by lightning is a fascinating topic, and a really horrible thing to experience. A lot of the long term effects just don’t sound as awful on their own as they do when they’re added together, or when they’re experienced over decades. The more research I did, the more I wanted to make people to really understand the experience of being a lightning strike victim. I decided to make a board game where a person spins a wheel and adds together the immediate effects and long term effects that they land on to build their entire being hit by lightning experience. As I imagined the piece would be folded up and given out in clinic waiting rooms it also needed to draw a person in by looking like a fun way to pass the time.

A fun fact about lightning: sometimes it leaves people with branch-like scars. They’re very cool and very not worth everything else it does to you.